Iranian Gas Trunkline (IGAT)

IMEGs design for IGAT projects was at the time the largest construction projects in the world.

IGAT I was an innovative 42″ diameter trunkline delivering gas from the oil fields of Southern Iran to its borders in the North from Khuzistan to the Caspian Sea . 1,630 MMSCFD Total Gas Flow, 1,260 km Pipeline, 40” / 42” diameter and 800 km 6” to 30” diameter Gathering Lines.

The project’s success led to IGAT II - 1,420 km, 56” diameter pipeline running from Kangan (The Gulf) to Astara (Caspian Sea). 17,000 million cubic metres of gas per annum to the USSR market & 10,000 million cubic metres of gas per annum to Iranian internal market. Total 450,000 hp, 9 Compressor Stations

IMEG’s Responsibility

Project Management
Commercial Viability, Feasibility and Optimization Flow Studies
Detailed Engineering Design
Procurement and Inspection
Supervision of Construction and Commissioning
Training of Personnel

Project Management
Design and Engineering approvals
Supervision and Inspection of Construction
Materials, Procurement, Inspection and Expediting