IMEG was founded in 1964 as an engineering and management company to undertake capital projects and technical consultancy in the oil and gas industries.

IMEG pioneered the design of large diameter high pressure gas pipelines and the commercialisation of natural gas. Such projects included the innovative 42″ diameter Iranian Gas Trunkline (IGAT I). The project’s success led to IGAT II, a 56″ diameter gas trunkline.

Also the Suez to Mediterranean Trans Egypt Pipeline and the Pacific to Caribbean Trans Panama Pipeline were both major crude oil transportation projects conceived and engineered by IMEG.

Notably, IMEG was responsible for the engineering, supervision of installation and inspection of the first large diameter, high pressure, cross-country gas pipeline in the UK, from the Wash to the Midlands.

IMEG has capitalised upon the experience gained during the early years and remain innovators in the industry, and have continued to be involved in high profile projects worldwide – including Ghana Nigeria, Malaysia, Colombia and Iraq.

The Colombian  Caño Limón to Rio Zulia Pipeline System, designed and engineered by IMEG, was one of the highest pipelines in the world and one of the fastest of its scale ever built.

In recent years, National Grid have awarded IMEG in consortium with a contractor the engineering, procurement and construction of the following Emissions Reduction Projects at Kirriemuir Compressor Station, St Fergus Gas Terminal and Hatton Compressor Station

Most recent overseas projects consist of eight totalling 30,000m³ oil storage tanks and associated facilities in Ghana and in Nigeria IMEG conducted the vetting of EPC designs for 31 km of 24” gas pipeline incorporating 3 No. metering stations for gas supply to 3 No. power stations.

Of late, in the U.K., together with Messrs. Halcrow, IMEG have been awarded a contract by Wales and West Utilities for the upgrade of facilities at 16 above ground installations in Wales and the west of England.

Since 2003 IMEG has been owned by consulting engineers firm Snow Consulting Ltd, which is part of the ACE (Associated Consulting Engineers) group of companies.